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Identifying Correct Singing While Practicing On Your Own

    There are tools we can follow to assist us in determining whether or not our tone placement is correct. Often people will say, "I can do it in the studio, but I'm having difficulties at home." My answer to that question is to reassess how you practice. Incorporate your visual skills: see the tone always going out. Incorporate your sensory skills: feel the resonance in the proper bone structures. And of course, hearing skills: some students like to have a microphone to hear their voice better. Breathing correctly is often the solution. To find out more about these tools and schedule private lessons, contact Julie Brown at julie@juliebrownvoicestudio.com and check out the website: juliebrownvoicestudio.com  

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Singers Know Your Voice

In my studio, I have often been asked the question.."How do I sing like my favorite singer?" I always ask 'What is it that you like about your favorite singer? Is it the dynamic phrasing, the emotion, the words, the passionate performance, the clarity of sound and diverse emotion expressed through the singers voice and presence?" I say incorporate the best aspects of them but never copy them and  try to sound exactly like this person or be that person.  You will be too busy copying and  trying to be them and you will have a diluted disconnected performance and not be aware of your own voice. The true singer knows himself/herself and her voice. To be another singer is not possible because No human voice is identical. We are all unique human beings. Our voice with the proper tools of breathing, clarity of sound and vocal control enables us to freely access  our unique gift from God. We must connect to the lyrics and our soul to the music. When this is achieved, a dynamic singer is present. Think back on Michael Jackson his dynamic presence, clear voice, connection to words he sangs with the soul he felt not to mention his ability to incorporate dance with  the  incredible moon walk. There is only one Michael Jackson.  He still is here hologram form as his performance lives on in our hearts. We are dynamic singers when we connect to the words and make them our own. Be the poet of your lyrics and your Sing your Best. No need to ever copy because you have the correct tools with the Acapelladiva Method to create the dynamics, the sound tone you want. Your instrument is [...]

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Singing and Speaking are One

In the Julie Brown Voice studio not only do I give tools to help students sing their best I also teach them the skills to help them speak their best. Clarity of sound in speech is just as powerful and profound as a clear resonant singing voice. It catches the full undivided attention of the audience, be it one person or in front of thousands. Singing and Speaking are ONE. Singing is speaking in slow motion on chosen pitch. It truly reflects who you are. When people speak in a quiet, dull, monotone manner, others make judgments and assume the speaker has no confidence. The fact is they speak out of habit or out of just not being aware. Inattention: I help you become aware! You will become conscience of the mechanics of proper sound production in singing and speech. It is a matter of technique. My one of a kind methodology of accessing your particular style through my Julie Brown Acapelladiva instant analysis will be able to determine your mechanical issues and what is impairing the production of resonant, clear, confident sound. Call it a Catch-22 or domino effect, but it really is based on an ever increasing negative feedback loop. One can become shy and lose confidence if they are not heard the way they want to be heard or worse yet are totally ignored. A clear, resonant, confident voice can have profound effects. I have students who have found their speaking voice using the Acapelladiva Method and have ended up with job promotions, winning law cases, increased sales quotas, and marketing wins; actors and voice over actors and actresses who have more command of their role with the tools to help them [...]

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Preservation Tips for Pros

The most important thing for any professional singer is the preservation of their voice and musical instrument. which is your most important asset. This asset can not be replaced if lost. This post  highlights the importance of tools to preserve the voice. Voice student Hayes Carll works so hard  performing tours ten months a year.  He has come to me for tools to help him increase his stamina endurance and preservation of his soulful lush rich voice. As a coloratura opera  singer   and vocal instructor I know the value of preserving the voice by employing the proper vocal technical tools. Very few vocal teachers know how to do this.  I was taught this with Pavorotti's coach on proper techniques.. Note I sing as lush and clearly as I did when I was 19 years old. It would break a persons heart is to lose their voice. All professionals know their livelihood is contingent on their vocal health. Every professional should get a good vocal coach who knows how to  help you preserve your instrument and understands the correct breathing, support, resonance all encompassed in the Acapelladiva method. Even accomplished musicians need  coaching and vocal tools every now and then to increase stamina in order  deliver more powerful performances and  and  preserve their voice. Now Hayes Carll has tools to help him preserve his voice for the next 20 years. Too many people with beautiful voices lose it because they don't know the right techniques to preserve the beauty of their voice. Even great singers and athletes need coaches. The reason they do is to  refine their voices with effective tools.. Tiger Woods has a coach,  Michael Jackson,  Pavarotti had a coach ( I was [...]

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Jim Roberts-Miller Testimonial

This video testimonial is about Mr. Roberts-Miller's ability overcome tinnitus and to find his pitch and true voice using the Acapelladiva Method of conscious thought...and to find the tone that he was hearing in his head and essentially by embracing that tone, he was able to train his brain neurons to  block it its interference with his ability to hear octatonic scale.

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Grace Li singing Ave Maria

Grace Li sang Ave Maria today with beautiful resonant tone and sound! She also won 1st Place District Percussion Competition employing the Acapelladiva method of conscious breathing and said it helped her to win the competition. Grace Li  is also competing in national piano competition finals in December!  Brava Grace!

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Elyse singing Desperado A capella

Post by Julie Brown Voice Studio.

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Audrey SInging Paramore

So Proud of Audrey's Beautiful singing of Paramore Still Loving You. Brava! Lovely powerful clear singing!

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Proud of Ryan’s Guitar Playing

So proud of Ryan's singing and  guitar playing of his original songs. He is preparing for his upcoming audition to Berkley Music School! Bravo!!

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Perfect Pitch and Absolute Pitch

Perfect Pitch or Absolute Pitch is the ability to recognize tones without first hearing any reference tone. A person with perfect pitch can tell you whether a note is F, Eb, C# by recognizing the inherent quality of the individual tones. Perfect pitch differs from relative pitch. Many musicians have developed a good sense of relative pitch - the ability to recognize intervals. Few musicians have perfect pitch .  http://www.vocalist.org/perfectpitch.html

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