Psychology of Singer: Be Your Best Fan!

Have the willingness to see clearly: Be Your Best Fan and Achieve Your Goals. I often tell my students to will themselves to be calm, and see clearly while visualizing their success.  Combine this with the Acapelladiva method  of  proper breathing, support, and clear sound placement. Employing these tools,  I remind students to ease their negative thoughts or performance anxiety by conquering their thoughts. Often we let others who criticize us determine our destiny, or we become our worst critics  in our minds and undermine and sabotage ourselves. This totally limits our potential as singers. There are plenty of critics out there  so choose be your Best Fan Not your worst critic! Conquer self defeating thoughts acknowledge your successes each and every day. Master your mind as well as your voice. When mastered you are a singer who knows infinite possibilities the universe has to offer. About Julie Brown Voice Studio The Julie Brown Voice Studio is an internationally acclaimed salon located in Austin, Texas, U.S.A. The studio’s proprietor, Julie C. Brown, is an accomplished performer and instructor in voice technique, singing, and vocal control. In addition to Julie Brown Voice Studio, Ms. Brown is also President and CEO of Sing Your Best Julie Brown Voice Studio, an online instructional website featuring many of her unique vocal teaching techniques in video format. An international opera singer and performer, Ms. Brown is also known by her stage name of Acapelladiva®. She is the creator of the genera of music that combines heavy metal / gothic rhythm with opera overlays know as Gothera®. Her students include celebrity artists and singers from established and upcoming bands in all genres from all over the world. Ms. Brown does not just give vocal instruction, but creates singers. You can also follow Julie Brown Voice Studio on Twitter at @JulieBrownVoice, on Facebook at Julie Brown Voice Studio, on Google+ [...]

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Preservation Tips for Pros

The most important thing for any professional singer is the preservation of their voice and musical instrument. which is your most important asset. This asset can not be replaced if lost. This post  highlights the importance of tools to preserve the voice. Voice student Hayes Carll works so hard  performing tours ten months a year.  He has come to me for tools to help him increase his stamina endurance and preservation of his soulful lush rich voice. As a coloratura opera  singer   and vocal instructor I know the value of preserving the voice by employing the proper vocal technical tools. Very few vocal teachers know how to do this.  I was taught this with Pavorotti's coach on proper techniques.. Note I sing as lush and clearly as I did when I was 19 years old. It would break a persons heart is to lose their voice. All professionals know their livelihood is contingent on their vocal health. Every professional should get a good vocal coach who knows how to  help you preserve your instrument and understands the correct breathing, support, resonance all encompassed in the Acapelladiva method. Even accomplished musicians need  coaching and vocal tools every now and then to increase stamina in order  deliver more powerful performances and  and  preserve their voice. Now Hayes Carll has tools to help him preserve his voice for the next 20 years. Too many people with beautiful voices lose it because they don't know the right techniques to preserve the beauty of their voice. Even great singers and athletes need coaches. The reason they do is to  refine their voices with effective tools.. Tiger Woods has a coach,  Michael Jackson,  Pavarotti had a coach ( I was [...]

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