Julie Brown
Julie BrownVoice Teacher / International Opera Singer/Performing Artist

“My mission in life is to share my innovative Acapelladiva Method to create singers worldwide, help them find  their optimal vocal potential,  singing  with ease and clarity in every style of singing.”

About Julie

The Acapelladiva Method is an innovative method to help you access your unique learning style, understand what kind of learner you are, and follow my step by step methodology that rapidly directs you with the Acapelladiva technical tools to sing with ease and clarity. You learn to incorporate the Acapelladiva Conscious Breathing method to improve not only singing but your attitude your confidence and your entire lifestyle. This method incorporates the winning singers  psychology  and technical vocal tools  that  help you rapidly absorb the Acapelladiva technique, Master your voice, Sing Your Best with ease and clarity.

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My greatest inspiration is my son. Heaven gave me a special-needs son who is diagnosed with Autism. I had two gifts but knew I had to put him first. I traveled all over the country educating myself in the field of autism. Of course, I had to make a choice of taking care of one gift at the expense of another, and for at the time the choice was easy. I spent the next five years desperately trying to find a “cure” for my son. I even home-schooled him and incredibly the knowledge I gleaned from my Elementary Education degree was fortuitous in my ability to educate my son to his fullest potential – Kismet. I believe, in life, every choice we make leads us into a direction where there is a reason that we are in the place where we are. Life opens doors, but we have to walk through them. It is fate and destiny. My son is now doing very well and is stabilized with a full team caring for him. He is the inspiration in all that I do and he is always in my heart. He taught me how to observe the smallest nuances in life thus giving me the unique ability and gift that I have in my Acapelladiva vocal instant analysis.

The great singer Pavarotti inspires me. I was trained by the vocal coach of Pavarotti. He helped me correct a faulty technique that I was exposed to that interfered with my natural singing ability. Despite all the odds with negative incompetent jealous instructors, I refused to be a victim of attrition and have them destroy me. I am inspired by those who believe in me and motivated by those who do not. I remember the famous French proverb that says “The best revenge is success” I strive to help all of my students excel.  I worked hard to learn everything from my coach, to reclaim my natural singing gift and be where I am today and sharing with you the successful Acapelladiva method.

Every one of my students whom I teach walk into my studio and inspire me! I am learning something new each and every day. New ideas come as I help them through the Acapelladiva Method. I am inspired by their successes employing my method. I have multiple perspectives to help address a single vocal issue. Each student is unique. I fine tune their vocal terminology to match their specific leaning styles helping them build upon their strengths. I am able to identify any vocal obstacle that comes into play. I find more ideas and continue to develop and refine my Acapelladiva method. We always continue to learn. I love to share all that I learn from them as I teach them keeping singers all over the world updated with the latest vocal technical tools. I am truly blessed and inspired by their enthusiasm and willingness to learn and their successes.

I am inspired by special causes and people who do not let anything deter them from living their lives to fullest and following their destiny despite all odds. I support these causes performing at major events for National Leukemia and Lymphoma society, the children and adults of Autism Speaks who find a voice and place in our society with the needed early interventions and support , Ryan of Ryan’s Day. Ryan is a rapper artist who has Duchene Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) which affects 1 out of every 3500 boys. A muscle degenerative condition that is fatal. Ryan is 21 years old and his will and determination is to get the message out that we can find a cure if we work together. Pulling people together, having fun, and raising some money is a win, win for the cure. I am inspired by Adalia Rose Williams is an extremely beautiful child who cherishes every moment of her life Watching this little girl with Progeria, a disease that is aging her so fast, before our eyes yet she lives life to the fullest with her warm heart and outgoing personality.  I am inspired to support MS Society for Multiple Sclerosis supporting those who do not let their conditions hinder their goals and aspirations in life.

I have been invited to be ia part of the worlds most respected opera houses I have had European tours in Italy. I was recently named 2015-2016 Woman of the Year by Star Jones, president of the National Association of Professional Women. I was a semifinalist for the 2012 Paris Opera Awards competition. I also had a successful Kickstarter campaign for my Aurora Arias CD which was recognized and published in the 2012 Kickstarter Success Stories Book (p. 189-190). I was also proudly the first opera singer to ever perform on the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus at the famous SXSW Music Festival.

Leonardo di Cappuccino

Leonardo di Cappuccino

My interests:

  • I enjoy running working out at the gym.
  • Snuggling with Leonardo di Cappuccino my Persian cat.
  • I enjoy hiking, exercise, fashion shows, art, and museums and enjoy cooking and art classes.
  • Mediation and Yoga are also enjoyable.

The Acapelladiva method is a new approach to voice lessons based on years of my own experience as a professional singer, performer, and vocal coach. -Julie Brown

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The Acapelladiva Difference

Lots of teachers know from training and vocal pedagogy the right things to do and say in vocal instruction. Basically the Correct “terminology for singing” But they lack the expertise to show you HOW to do the right things. Essentially you can go online read books and learn less than a day all there is about singing. But to learn HOW to sing. Many teachers have no idea how to demonstrate.  I literally have the ability to immediately hear the incorrect sound production and correct it.  I have the ability to employ my Acapelladiva instant vocal analysis. I create singers I don’t just teach them to sing. I thought about franchising and teaching others to teach but  I realized no one can do what I do which is  the ability of instant vocal analysis I  analyze the  students sound even recreate their incorrectly produced  sound and transition or mortamophasize it into the clear placement be it resonance or other issues such as breathing.  There are so many posers charlatans or egocentric people who say they can teach singing and end up taking money or worse yet teaching incorrectly because they do not know how themselves.. I had the experience of teachers like this and took years to figure out with my coach how to correct my technical issues that were instructed incorrectly to me.   I have 20 years teaching and performing experience.  I have ability to take apart technical vocal issues and then fine tune vocal instruction to the student’s individual vocal needs.  I teach vocal technique much like I taught my special needs son with Autism taking apart an individual concept into 20 steps or more if necessary to help him master an individual concept or skill.   Everyone has singing special needs and if it takes multiple steps to learn a vocal concept. I do not just spill out theory. I put it into practice with my knowledge and expertise.    The result from my Acapelladiva method is Effortless Singing with a clear resonant correctly produced beautiful tone.  With the Acapelladiva method you can sing your best!