Why is your method better?2024-06-08T22:08:23-05:00

My method of singing gets right to the point of how to sing. My approach is holistic. It’s beyond just mechanics. It’s the Gestalt of knowing you are an instrument, your brain your body your mind are all integrated. I’m not just teaching singing. I’m teaching you to be a singer and that is why I create singers. I make you understand what it is to be in the moment of singing. Of course Understanding the physics of where sound is produced helping you sing in the most resonant placement, breathe and sing on your breath while incorporating proper support, I give YOU the tools to take with you so that you Can Sing with ease and beauty. It’s teaching you to be a singer and instrument and you become instrument of Life and truly live and share your gifts with the world.

What will I get out of this?2013-09-08T16:35:14-05:00

First, you will be able to sing!!!

You will understand how your voice works. Gain confidence knowing these valuable vocal tools. You will understand the mechanics of your vocal mechanism. You will be able to understand how to create the most resonant correctly produced sounds with my innovative Acapelladiva technique that is designed to address specific vocal issues that are specific and universal to all singers. It’s teaching you to be a singer and instrument and you become instrument of Life and truly live and share your gifts with the world.

Is there a refund?2024-06-08T22:08:23-05:00

In general, no.  I will make an exception only after an online Skype video call were I can do an Instant Acapelladiva Vocal Analysis with you. If I cannot help you sing, I do not want your money, and will give you a full refund. I cannot make this determination without a one-on-one Skype call analysis of your progress and technique.

Will this cannibalize your studio in Austin?2024-06-08T22:08:23-05:00

No I will not lose business because of this. I will continue to teach students in my studio in Austin, Texas, USA, and in some ways these videos will actually enhance my standing in the community.  I have been asked again and again to teach throughout the world, and if the occasion or demand arises, I will visit a city anywhere in the world to do in-person lessons.

Do you still perform?2024-06-08T22:08:23-05:00

Julie C Brown / Acapelladiva performing in Austin, Texas, USA

Yes, I perform mostly in Texas and sing with numerous Indie and local groups in Austin, Texas. While I did release an operatic album, Aurora Arias, I am planning on producing additional albums in the coming years.

How did you figure out your method?2013-09-08T17:57:10-05:00

It DID NOT happen overnight!  With 20 years teaching and performing experience in addition to my education in music pedagogy and performance, I developed a unique ability to take apart technical vocal issues and then fine tune the instruction to the student’s individual vocal needs.  I teach vocal technique much like I taught my special needs son with Autism.  Taking apart an individual concept into twenty (20), or more steps if necessary, to help him master an individual concept or skill.  In the process, I developed a unique ability to instantly diagnose and see exactly what a singer is doing incorrectly. I can morph myself into reproducing the incorrect sound and employ my technical expertise to instantly correct it, thus providing real-time vocal analysis and instruction on correct technique. This honed ability is the essence of the Acapelladiva Method.

I have nodules. Will I ever sing again?2013-09-16T02:02:39-05:00

Nodules can be caused from a combination of factors. I found that shallow, incorrect breathing causes a lack of support and results in acid reflux. This condition is exacerbated by increased stress from negative unconscious thinking.  This in turn starts to effect the strength and health of your vocal chords. Once one masters correct breathing, abdominal support, proper placement of tone, and mental calmness, the voice is free and supported with ease, relieving the stress on your vocal cords. This will allow your nodules to heal.  The videos on breathing and conscious thought will create an environment that allows you to heal.

Once your nodules have healed, you will now be able to sing (again).

I had a stroke, can I ever sing again?2013-09-16T02:12:34-05:00

In most cases medical professionals would say no, yet I taught a student who had had a stroke. She was relatively young, and was once able to sing beautifully.  She came to me just hoping to regain her speaking voice, and told me she thought she could never sing again.

Upon using my Acapelladiva conscious breathing, getting proper support,  and finding her “dollar spot” she is now is singing and speaking clearly and with confidence. Only we can determine what we can achieve. It is the breathing technique I provided and Psychology of appropriate thought that helps one be resilient with any adversity. Our thoughts are instrumental in helping us find our vocal instrument.

I have tinnitus and sing off pitch, how can I sing on pitch?2016-04-05T18:48:31-05:00

Tinnitus is a constant ringing in your ears that cannot easily be relieved, but I have helped numerous people be able to sing ON PITCH with my Acapelladiva Method.  In the video series (name goes here) I helped a student identify his particular tinnitus pitch, and then was able to use constructive harmonic interference or a pedal tone and to use that tone to construct a vocal resonance off of. He talks of how he embraced his tinnitus pitch and trained his brain to hear the tinnitus as a pedal tone and not tune it out.  This “new discovery” now enhances his voice by integrating the octatonic scale with this pedal tone as opposed to trying to fight the ringing.