The most important thing for any professional singer is the preservation of their voice and musical instrument. which is your most important asset. This asset can not be replaced if lost. This post  highlights the importance of tools to preserve the voice.

hayes-carll-coverVoice student Hayes Carll works so hard  performing tours ten months a year.  He has come to me for tools to help him increase his stamina endurance and preservation of his soulful lush rich voice.

As a coloratura opera  singer   and vocal instructor I know the value of preserving the voice by employing the proper vocal technical tools. Very few vocal teachers know how to do this.  I was taught this with Pavorotti’s coach on proper techniques.. Note I sing as lush and clearly as I did when I was 19 years old. It would break a persons heart is to lose their voice.

All professionals know their livelihood is contingent on their vocal health. Every professional should get a good vocal coach who knows how to  help you preserve your instrument and understands the correct breathing, support, resonance all encompassed in the Acapelladiva method. Even accomplished musicians need  coaching and vocal tools every now and then to increase stamina in order  deliver more powerful performances and  and  preserve their voice.

Now Hayes Carll has tools to help him preserve his voice for the next 20 years. Too many people with beautiful voices lose it because they don’t know the right techniques to preserve the beauty of their voice. Even great singers and athletes need coaches. The reason they do is to  refine their voices with effective tools.. Tiger Woods has a coach,  Michael Jackson,  Pavarotti had a coach ( I was fortunate to have the same coach.) This is key most great singers, especially with professionals who tour and do a preponderance of live performances.

We are not super human but with my tools If you learn my techniques you can sing with more volume range without losing your voice. Protect your vocal instrument and your asset. Thank you Hayes Carll   for allowing me to write this post and use of your name and image.  A lot of these techniqes I teach in my studio in Austin Texas. If you are  a professional and not in Austin you can sign up for the Diva package with video instruction. I also have remote instruction via Skpe and you can sign up for that too.