The Julie Brown Voice Studio caters to students of all skill levels, including singers who have upcoming appearances with live orchestras. My experience singing with an orchestra comes in handy when I’m working with these students. Here are some tips:

  1. Tap into the vibe- There is a sense of a millisecond delay when working with an orchestra, versus working with a piano accompaniment or band. So many people are involved and everyone is looking to the conductor. Let the millisecond delay allow you to be in a more peaceful place when you sing. Feel the energy and allow it to calm you. This divine energy supports you while you sing.
  2. Fermata time is your diva time to shine! You can’t rush an orchestra or a conductor, but you sure as hell can take your time during fermatas because the orchestra is pausing for you. That’s your diva time.
  3. Be a sweet diva! A good diva is supported by the divine energy. She supports the orchestra and the orchestra supports her. Everyone has a divine gift. Take the ego out and support each other.
  4. Enjoy your best voice! Inner and outer.

Thanks for reading!

Julie Brown