Being in the Now when you Sing

Often when students enter the studio they freeze up when they perform. To perform you must be in the now. Students think of what they will do next ie lyrics, technical placement of sound  When they think of other things they are not in the now. When one is in the now one has the power to send emotion with intensity and sing with expression and emotion. This is what moves the audience and make a dynamic performer who moves the audience into the NOW.  Take it a step further and be in the now in all areas of your life!

Finding the Voice: Benefits of Singing Lessons for Children with Autism

"Your work is the real sunshine as it comes from the depth of your soul where no one can see. You are a blessing." -Student's Mother When we enter the world of autism, see from their perspective of 100% non-ego attachment, we do indeed see the divine. The result is breathtaking.  In my vocal studio, I tailor each lesson to meet the individual needs of every student. My son, who has autism, has been my greatest teacher. I have a quest and ability to help other parents of children with autism find their child's unique strengths, their inner and outer voice. By approaching teaching through the lens of autism, I can show parents how to apply teaching techniques incorporating visual, sensory, and auditory inputs. The end result is increased focus, eye contact, concentration, ability to sing, and reduction of sensory overload. It is so fun to see excited parents watching their child's attention span and eye contact dramatically increase and blossom. The benefit for the parent is a better connection to the child with less exhaustion and frustration. I am teaching the parent by giving them the necessary tools and how to use them. It's teamwork! Look for future posts about how homeschooling my autistic son has informed my teaching ability to help students of all kinds.  If you are not in Austin, check out my videos online that demonstrate singing, breathing and the mind-body connection in the Beginner's Bundle. About Julie Brown Voice Studio The Julie Brown Voice Studio is an internationally acclaimed salon located in Austin, Texas, U.S.A. The studio’s proprietor, Julie C. Brown, is an accomplished performer and instructor in voice technique, singing, and vocal control. In addition to Julie Brown Voice Studio, Ms. [...]

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Creating Your Optimal Vocal Resonance

Often when we try to sing with ease and clarity, things can get in the way such as shallow breathing, tightness of the abdomen, and jaw tension. In order for us to create the most clear, resonant frequencies, we must be aware of all the factors that go into effect. In the Julie Brown Voice Studio (incorporating the Acapelladiva℠ method) we create conscious posture and conscious breath control resulting in optimal overtones. The clarity of your voice gives goosebumps to your audience. Only with the correct placement of tone can we achieve resonance, and have true control over dynamics and phrasing. We achieve optimal resonant overtones in the Julie Brown Voice Studio rapidly with the Acapelladiva method. Take your singing to the next level. Visit and sing your best! All the best, Julie

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Voice Students, Knowing Your Potential With The Tools You Have

Many times students come into my studio and they have thoughts of a limitation due to experiences in the past. One way I help people realize their potential is to think of the present and follow up in the future. Being in the present means breathing correctly, being calm, and eliminating negative self-talk. As singers we are vulnerable and exposed, as we are the instrument and we take personally how people react to our voice. We must be our best fan, not our worst critic! When you are your best fan you will reach your potential, especially when you incorporate the Acapelladiva℠ method of conscious thought, conscious breathing, and conscious action. Learn more about the Acapelladiva method to utilize the tools to help you reach your vocal potential. Sing your best and speak your best! Love, Julie

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Identifying Correct Singing While Practicing On Your Own

    There are tools we can follow to assist us in determining whether or not our tone placement is correct. Often people will say, "I can do it in the studio, but I'm having difficulties at home." My answer to that question is to reassess how you practice. Incorporate your visual skills: see the tone always going out. Incorporate your sensory skills: feel the resonance in the proper bone structures. And of course, hearing skills: some students like to have a microphone to hear their voice better. Breathing correctly is often the solution. To find out more about these tools and schedule private lessons, contact Julie Brown at and check out the website:  

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Jim Roberts-Miller Testimonial

This video testimonial is about Mr. Roberts-Miller's ability overcome tinnitus and to find his pitch and true voice using the Acapelladiva Method of conscious thought...and to find the tone that he was hearing in his head and essentially by embracing that tone, he was able to train his brain neurons to  block it its interference with his ability to hear octatonic scale.

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Carolyn Somes Testimonial

Carolyn Somes is the lead singer of her band Holy KaKow. She tells how much easier it is for her to sing. She now employs the Julie Brown Voice Studio's Acapelladiva℠ method, a psychology of the singer technique. Carolyn talks about the multiple offers to bands and job promotions resulting from her added confidence in her singing.

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