Men With Low Voices: How To Sing Higher

The tendency that baritones who first enter my studio have is to sing powerfully with force and effort. However, this is a detriment if we put too much weight in our sound in the higher range. There is a balance, just like when riding a horse. Your voice is the horse. There are subtle ways to direct it, so that it will jump and move with agility. Same with your voice. Use the reins (or your breath) to make the horse (or your voice) move effortlessly. Pulling too hard will cause a horse to choke on the bit just as restricted breathing causes your voice to crack. Unsupported singing can cause damage to your voice. Weight in the voice causes tension and restricts breathing. Think less like a tough gladiator when attempting fast, high notes. Be a laid back David rather than a hulking Goliath. Don't Goliath your falsetto! Lastly, try not to over-analyze, or question your ability to implement technique. When we do that we become our worst critics, and self-sabotage our effort. It's a fine balance. Julie Brown voice studio implements the one of a kind methodology where singing with ease comes from proper technique. It's a holistic approach to successful singing.   About Julie Brown Voice Studio The Julie Brown Voice Studio is an internationally acclaimed salon located in Austin, Texas, U.S.A. The studio’s proprietor, Julie C. Brown, is an accomplished performer and instructor in voice technique, singing, and vocal control. In addition to Julie Brown Voice Studio, Ms. Brown is also President and CEO of Sing Your Best Julie Brown Voice Studio, an online instructional website featuring many of her unique vocal teaching techniques in video format. An international opera singer and performer, Ms. [...]

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Outside of Class: Visual Reminders

  Now incorporating beautiful Julie Brown Voice Studio "Conscious Breathing Bracelets" for my students as visual cues for them to wear as reminders to consciously breathe. Visual cues serve as neural reminders to help reinforce new vocal technical concepts and neural pathways. 

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[S3VIDEO file='VIDEO 44 Warm up Acapelladiva Resonance exercises with'] VIDEO 44 Warm up Acapelladiva Resonance exercises with Charlotte Lesson outline and description.

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VIDEO 16 I’m cool, calm, confident, competent and complete

[S3VIDEO file='VIDEO 16 IM COOL CALM CONFIDENT COMPETENT AND'] VIDEO 16 I'm cool, calm, confident, competent and complete Rocky incorporates the appropriate singer's mind dialogue to help her overcome her stage fright of the cameras filming her.  With proper mind dialog she breathes deeply and is calm. This is important to know whenever you perform or ever have stage fright.

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