Voice Students, Knowing Your Potential With The Tools You Have

Many times students come into my studio and they have thoughts of a limitation due to experiences in the past. One way I help people realize their potential is to think of the present and follow up in the future. Being in the present means breathing correctly, being calm, and eliminating negative self-talk. As singers we are vulnerable and exposed, as we are the instrument and we take personally how people react to our voice. We must be our best fan, not our worst critic! When you are your best fan you will reach your potential, especially when you incorporate the Acapelladiva℠ method of conscious thought, conscious breathing, and conscious action. Learn more about the Acapelladiva method to utilize the tools to help you reach your vocal potential. Sing your best and speak your best! Love, Julie

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Outside of Class: Visual Reminders

  Now incorporating beautiful Julie Brown Voice Studio "Conscious Breathing Bracelets" for my students as visual cues for them to wear as reminders to consciously breathe. Visual cues serve as neural reminders to help reinforce new vocal technical concepts and neural pathways. 

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