Creating Your Optimal Vocal Resonance

Often when we try to sing with ease and clarity, things can get in the way such as shallow breathing, tightness of the abdomen, and jaw tension. In order for us to create the most clear, resonant frequencies, we must be aware of all the factors that go into effect. In the Julie Brown Voice Studio (incorporating the Acapelladiva℠ method) we create conscious posture and conscious breath control resulting in optimal overtones. The clarity of your voice gives goosebumps to your audience. Only with the correct placement of tone can we achieve resonance, and have true control over dynamics and phrasing. We achieve optimal resonant overtones in the Julie Brown Voice Studio rapidly with the Acapelladiva method. Take your singing to the next level. Visit and sing your best! All the best, Julie

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Singing and Speaking are One

In the Julie Brown Voice studio not only do I give tools to help students sing their best I also teach them the skills to help them speak their best. Clarity of sound in speech is just as powerful and profound as a clear resonant singing voice. It catches the full undivided attention of the audience, be it one person or in front of thousands. Singing and Speaking are ONE. Singing is speaking in slow motion on chosen pitch. It truly reflects who you are. When people speak in a quiet, dull, monotone manner, others make judgments and assume the speaker has no confidence. The fact is they speak out of habit or out of just not being aware. Inattention: I help you become aware! You will become conscience of the mechanics of proper sound production in singing and speech. It is a matter of technique. My one of a kind methodology of accessing your particular style through my Julie Brown Acapelladiva instant analysis will be able to determine your mechanical issues and what is impairing the production of resonant, clear, confident sound. Call it a Catch-22 or domino effect, but it really is based on an ever increasing negative feedback loop. One can become shy and lose confidence if they are not heard the way they want to be heard or worse yet are totally ignored. A clear, resonant, confident voice can have profound effects. I have students who have found their speaking voice using the Acapelladiva Method and have ended up with job promotions, winning law cases, increased sales quotas, and marketing wins; actors and voice over actors and actresses who have more command of their role with the tools to help them [...]

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