Finding Your Unique Voice, Your Unique Way

Finding your best voice is finding your unique voice. No voice is like another. No brain is like another. We all have different neural cues in our brain that help us remember how it feels to sing clearly and effortlessly. In the Julie Brown Voice Studio, I do instant vocal analysis and identify my students' unique neural cues to help them find their original voice. This comes in very handy for my artistic students who write their own music and helps you, as a performer, stand out. No matter what level you are, you can apply the AcapellaDiva method to find your unique voice, your unique way. Certain words help access technique and they are unique to each singer. I help my students identify their cue so they are able to access singing effortlesslly at their every "beck and call". These easy cues help you remember your technique outside the studio. When this technique is mastered, the sky is the limit! Sing your best! Julie About Julie Brown Voice Studio The Julie Brown Voice Studio is an internationally acclaimed salon located in Austin, Texas, U.S.A. The studio’s proprietor, Julie C. Brown, is an accomplished performer and instructor in voice technique, singing, and vocal control. In addition to Julie Brown Voice Studio, Ms. Brown is also President and CEO of Sing Your Best Julie Brown Voice Studio, an online instructional website featuring many of her unique vocal teaching techniques in video format. An international opera singer and performer, Ms. Brown is also known by her stage name of Acapelladiva℠. She is the creator of the genera of music that combines heavy metal / gothic rhythm with opera overlays know as Gothera®. Her students include celebrity artists and [...]