Learn the Acapelladiva℠ method with renowned vocal coach Julie Brown.
Access your unique learning style with step by step methodology.
Learn the skills necessary to sing with ease and clarity.

Master your voice. Sing Your Best®. Every time.

Get face-to-face with Julie either online (via Skype or Zoom) or in her private studio and learn the Acapelladiva method. Discover the full range, depth and dimension of your voice. In essence, you will learn not only be able to sing with confidence, you will be a singer.
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Learn the Acapelladiva method from the comfort of your own home with Julie’s premium video modules. Whether you’re just getting started singing or you’re a seasoned professional, there’s a bundle to suit your specific vocal needs.


Julie has taught a variety of ages, backgrounds, and experience levels during her time as a vocal coach. In fact, she has yet to meet someone who couldn’t benefit from vocal lessons. So whether you’re hitting the high note or finding your speaking voice, the question isn’t if vocal lessons are right for you – it’s when can you start?


  • Sing Your Best in 5 Easy Bundles
  • Simple to Use Vocal Technical Tools
  • Personalized Instant Acapelladiva Analysis by Julie
  • Effective Methodology – Learn to Sing With Ease
  • Personalized On-Line Skype with Julie Available


Julie Brown is such a wonderful voice teacher. Her enthusiasm and teaching techniques have helped me develop my voice beyond anything I could have hoped for.
Karen C., Austin, TX
Julie totally transformed my daughter’s voice, and quickly gave her the tools she needed to access her potential. I highly recommend her–especially for teens. 
Nia B., Austin, TX
facebookiconJulie is enthusiastic, positive, fun, friendly and simply fabulous. What a great teacher for my daughter (Neta) who is just 8! Not only learning how to sing, but learning in a new language – English!
Gili, Austin, TX
I was allowed to state my own goals as a vocalist, which Julie took into great consideration for how she structured my lessons. 
Derek I., Austin, TX
I went to Julie to improve my range and projection- and that is exactly what happened! After my first lesson I left with more tools than months of work with previous voice teachers. 
Katie V., San Diego, CA
The biggest thing she taught me was conscious breathing. I am not just learning how to sing, but she (Julie) helps be get relaxed and centered. 
Wade P., Austin, TX
I came to Julie to sharpen my skills before I record vocals for my new LP. After just one session the difference in my voice is amazing.

Doran S., Austin, TX
It has been an amazing journey meeting Julie. She has done so much to help me with my voice. 
Rocalynn T., Georgetown, TX
She (Julie) peeled back so much BS I’d been fed by my previous instructor in short order. Can’t wait for my next session… a million thanks Julie!

Walt B., Wimberley, TX
Great lessons on speech and vocal control. Able to speak without hurting my vocal chords and without getting tired.

Jeffrey F., Austin, TX
I learned there are many schools and philosophies of singing, and through Julie’s clear guidance and concrete methodology I came out with a set of tools to create a powerful singing voice.
Derek I., Austin, TX
Julie completely transformed my voice in only 4 lessons. She is not only professional and knowledgeable but patient, positive and encouraging. 
Emily Y., Austin, TX
Julie is awesome. I was a complete novice at singing and in just the first two lessons she managed to teach me proper breathing technique and control. 
Maria B., San Marcos, TX
Her (Julie’s) mastery of her craft is extremely apparent and often I am amazed at her ability to easily exhibit and convey certain concepts in vocal technique and song analysis. 
Michael B., Austin, TX